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The Cost of HLA Typing

At The Sequencing Center, one of the main services that we provide to pharmaceutical, academic, and clinical researchers is HLA Typing. HLA Typing (human leukocyte antigen) is most commonly leveraged for matching patients and donors for bone marrow or cord blood transplants. However, it is also used in a lot of immunotherapy research for drug […]

The Influence of Genetics on Clinical Research

Like any new technology adoption curve, genome sequencing has gone through the typical hype cycle. We start to leverage a new technology and it becomes massively hyped as the thing that will “change everything” only to realize that we don’t know what to do with it. We then go into despair because it seemingly hasn’t […]

Global HLA Typing Market Study Includes The Sequencing Center as a Top Vendor

As the global HLA Typing market continues to increase in demand, the number of new commercial vendors focusing on HLA Typing has stayed fairly flat relative to growth. In a new market research study conducted by Data Bridge Market Research, the global HLA Typing market is set to grow to $1.05B in 2025, up from […]

Increasing Access to Genome Sequencing for Clinical Diagnostics

As genome sequencing continues to decrease in price and increase in demand, the desire for many clinical organizations to leverage genome sequencing as a clinical diagnostic means continues to get traction. In a recent change, the California State Legislature approved a pilot budget and project to research the benefits of leveraging genome sequencing for disease […]

Why You Need Genome Sequencing in Clinical Research

Clinical research is a tedious process that requires precise data to validate research claims. In its current state, there are many parts of the process that break down for various reasons. Between time constraints, financial resource allocation, data collective practices, material purchasing, cross-team communication, and so much more, there are big hurdles that all lead to […]

Why You Need Genome Sequencing in Clinical Trials

The Challenges of Clinical Trials Working on clinical trials in the pharmaceutical or clinical research field can frequently be a messy process with numerous complications. You can feel blocked and delayed by staggering testing costs and lengthy trial durations. There are, however, many ways to optimize clinical trials through enrollment planning, cost benchmarking, forecasting and […]