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GenDx Reports

We use GenDx NGSengine for HLA typing and HLA report generation.  NGSengine was recently updated to v.2.16.2.  Here are some key improvements in the software available in the updated version:

  1. The extrapolated regions of alleles in the best match are now shown on the overview.
  2. Determining the PIRCHE epitope matching scores of samples is now possible with a single click.
  3. The phasing algorithms have some major speed improvements.
  4. IMGT/HLA database release 3.38.0 is included and selected by default.
  5. The data quality of the UTR regions has been improved. This is most noticeable for HLA-B, HLA-C and DRB1, 3 and 4.
  6. Extrapolation has been improved for DQB1*03:127, DQA1*01:30, DRB1*08:01:01, DQB1*06:52, DQB1*06:304N and DRB3*02:06.
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