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We use GenDx NGSengine for HLA typing and HLA report generation.  NGSengine was recently updated to version 2.15.  Here are some key improvements in the software available in the updated version:

  1. IMGT/HLA database release 3.37.0 is included and selected by default.
  2. NMPD and serology lists have been updated.
  3. Extrapolation has been improved for DRB1*04:02:01, DRB1*04:08:01, DRB1*08:01:01, DQA1*01:06, DQB1*02:03:01, DRB3*02:03, DRB5*01:10N and G*01:01:19.
  4. The default ignore regions of DRB3 at intron 2 and 3 have been expanded.
  5. Extrapolation for DRB1*15:140 has been modified. In most cases, DRB1*15:02:01:01 will now be reported as best matching allele, and the DRB1*15:140 as allele ambiguity.
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