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What does a sequence alignment and variant call report look like?

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Our clients often use Geneious Prime to generate sequence alignment and variant call reports. They export a select list of variables including CDS, polymorphism types, codon change, amino acid change, and protein effect. We often recommend that our clients consider using Geneious software for a more interactive deep dive into their datasets.

Download a truncated sample of a sequence alignment and variant call report: Demo Sequence Alignment Report

Sequence alignment report

For every project where we use Geneious, we export a “*.geneious” backup file to your account. If you decide to use a personal, academic, or commercial version of Geneious, you can import this “*.geneious” file into your version of the application, view all the results, and perform your own exploratory analysis of the sequencing datasets. Geneious offers a 14-day trial version and various pricing options that may be worth considering.

For in-depth information on how to read each section of the report check out the article How to read Geneious variant call reports.