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What does an HLA report look like?

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Our HLA reports are generated automatically by the GenDX NGSengine® software and includes information about HLA allele typing calls, allele ambiguities and relevant metadata. The exact set of loci displayed in an HLA report will depend on which loci were chosen for sequencing. For each locus the typing call for “Allele 1” and “Allele 2” is shown.  By default these are displayed to 4-digit resolution. The report includes allele ambiguities in the four major fields.  If typing ambiguities are present the report will list each of them, including their CWD status.

For in-depth information on how to read each section of the report check out our detailed article How to read HLA reports.

Also, feel free to download a sample copy of a typical HLA report: HLA Demo Report

HLA sample report