Genome Sequencing Facility Promises Highly Affordable Pricing and Scalable Sequencing

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Fort Collins, Colorado, 07/20/2017 –  The Sequencing Center, a next generation genome sequencing company, opened its lab today promising affordable genome sequencing, bioinformatics, and genome data management for research, pharmaceutical, and clinical organizations. The company is offering services for organizations performing research on bacterial, viral, and human-oriented projects. Among these services, the new facility offers targeted sequencing methods for research fields including inherited diseases, oncology, neurodegenerative diseases, antibiotic resistant gene analysis, and biomarker discovery for drug development optimization.

“We saw a large gap in the market for researchers who need an all-in-one solution,” said Richard Casey, PhD, CEO and Head of Bioinformatics at The Sequencing Center. “Typically, researchers go to multiple vendors to get their sequencing and bioinformatics done, which increases cost and turnaround times. We brought all aspects of genome sequencing into one facility delivering new industry standards for both turnaround time and pricing.”

Genome sequencing is important for academic, clinical, and commercial organizations as it provides data driven results instead of trial and error for research efforts. Through The Sequencing Center, researchers can perform whole genome and targeted sequencing to get those deep insights without spending large portions of their project budget.

“Two of the biggest barriers for researchers are sequencing costs and the time it takes to react on those results,” said Richard Casey. “The real value in sequencing is in the data analysis and efficient storage of those massive datasets. We unlock those abilities for researchers through our end to end solution.”

The Sequencing Center offers whole genome sequencing for bacteria and viruses starting as low as $130/sample, with their pricing including quality control analysis, sample preparation, DNA/RNA sequencing, and basic bioinformatics analysis. They’re currently one of the only vendors in the market doing providing an all-inclusive service and price.

“We have many customers who have already chosen us as their preferred sequencing vendor throughout us ramping up to this launch and are excited to partner with new organizations as we officially open,” said Richard Casey. “If you’ve ever thought about genome sequencing but found it too expensive, get in touch with us. We think we can change your mind.”

The Sequencing Center provides free project consultation, industry specific sequencing, and custom sequencing solutions for small to large enterprises. To learn more, visit or email to start a free consultation process.

About The Sequencing Center
The Sequencing Center provides academic, pharmaceutical, and clinical organizations a single facility for genome sequencing, bioinformatics, and data management. The company provides all-inclusive and transparent pricing with rapid project turnaround times. For more information on The Sequencing Center, please visit


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Richard Casey, PhD

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