Genome Sequencing Facility Makes Move to Commoditize DNA Extraction By Offering Free DNA Extraction

DNA extraction


Fort Collins, Colorado, 5/17/2018 – The Sequencing Center, a next generation genome sequencing company, made a big move today by announcing free DNA extraction for any genome sequencing project that comes through their facility. The company already offers free basic bioinformatics, which includes alignment and variant analysis, as part of its efforts to make genome sequencing more affordable.

“Researchers have been nickel and dimed on services that don’t really cost all that much to run these days,” said Richard Casey, PhD, CEO and Founder at The Sequencing Center. “There are other facilities charging between $10-$25 per sample for DNA extraction which really adds up. However, the reality is that with modern equipment, it costs a few pennies and almost no time to do DNA extraction. It was a no-brainer for us to make it free.”

High quality DNA extraction is essential in creating a successful, end-to-end genome sequencing project. Without high quality DNA, the risk of getting great results increases significantly. With The Sequencing Center, researchers can simply send in their sample content and their lab experts will leverage a broad array of DNA extraction kits to ensure the highest quality DNA is captured.

“It’s a win-win for everyone actually,” said Ryan Casey, Head of Product and Business Development at The Sequencing Center, when asked if by doing this it costs the company a lot of money. “The way we look at it is that for our researchers to succeed, they need high quality data, and for us to help them succeed, we need high quality DNA. DNA extraction wasn’t a profit center for us and since it was such a low cost anyways, we believed that it would reduce price for our clients while streamlining operations on our end, saving us money as well.”

Traditionally, researchers bear the brunt of the cost for both DNA extraction and bioinformatics as well as coordinating sending their samples to multiple vendors for various services. With The Sequencing Center making each of those options free, researchers are now only paying for the core steps to get genome sequencing done, making the process much more simple.

The Sequencing Center provides bacterial, viral, yeast, and targeted human sequencing services and solutions to small and large research organizations around the world. To learn more, visit or email to get in touch with their consultation team.

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The Sequencing Center provides academic, pharmaceutical, and clinical organizations a single facility for genome sequencing, bioinformatics, and data management. The company provides all-inclusive and transparent pricing with rapid project turnaround times. For more information on The Sequencing Center, please visit


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