Bacteriophage DNA Extraction Protocol

We routinely perform bacteriophage whole genome sequencing.  However, we do not currently offer phage DNA extraction services.  Instead, researchers perform phage DNA extraction at their own facilities and then ship purified gDNA to our sequencing Lab.  Apparently, DNA extraction for some phage species can be challenging.  Therefore, we present the following option.

Jakociune and Moodley, “A Rapid Bacteriophage DNA Extraction Method”, describe a protocol for dsDNA extraction from phage samples.  Their extraction method yields sufficient DNA mass, volume and concentration, and DNA purity, for subsequent sequencing on Illumina instruments.  They recommend using a library preparation protocol by Kot et al., “DPS – A rapid method for genome sequencing of DNA-containing bacteriophages directly from a single plaque”.  The library prep method described in Kot et al. is in fact one of our standard protocols used routinely in the Lab.

If you would like to try the Jakociune and Moodley phage DNA extraction protocol, including the Kot et al. library prep protocol, with sequencing on an Illumina platform, please contact us.  This may turn out to be a rapid, simple and affordable method for bacteriophage sequencing.

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