The Sequencing Center Now Offers Long-Read Sequencing Services


Fort Collins, Colorado, 10/12/2020 – The Sequencing Center, a genome sequencing service provider for biological and clinical research, announced today that it will offer long-read sequencing services to supplement its current short-read services. With this new service, the Center will provide a comprehensive suite of whole genome and targeted sequencing solutions.

“We’re pleased to offer Nanopore long-read sequencing services for our customers,” said Richard Casey, PhD, CEO of The Sequencing Center. “Long-read services expand upon our current short-read services. Long-read technology allows researchers to examine large structural variants, resolve highly repetitive sequences, examine regions of high or low GC-content and other genomic constructs that are difficult to resolve with short-reads alone.  Large structural variants, such as insertions, deletions, inversions, duplications and translocations, are implicated in a wide variety of disease states.  These regions can be resolved with long-reads. Furthermore, by combining long-read and short-read technology and using hybrid de novo assembly methods, researchers can now generate complete, fully finished, novel reference genomes.”

The Center chose Oxford Nanopore Technologies for its long-read sequencing platform. Nanopore sequencing methods provide direct sequencing of native DNA with no PCR bias, ultra-long intact DNA and cost-effective library preparation protocols and sequencing methods.  To support long-read sequencing, the center includes data analysis services to assist with the interpretation of results and data management services to help clients with data transmission, storage and archival processes.  The Center performs free DNA extraction for those clients who wish to submit samples for sequencing.

About The Sequencing Center
The Sequencing Center provides academic, pharmaceutical and clinical researchers a single source for genome sequencing at low cost and rapid turnaround times. The company’s services include whole genome sequencing, targeted resequencing, custom gene panels, HLA (human leukocyte antigen) Typing, DNA extraction, data management and bioinformatics data analysis.  For more information, visit, email or call 877-425-2235 to start a free consultation process.

Media Contact
Richard Casey, PhD

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