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Illumina long-reads

Illumina Announces Long Reads

Illumina recently announced the upcoming availability of long-read technology at the 40th Annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference, in a press release and on Illumina's Genomics Research Hub.  The new long-read sequencing assay is code-named…
Multiplexed samples reduces cost

Cost Savings with Multiplex Samples

Multiplex sequencing, or multiplexing for short, is a method of combining two or more samples (pooling samples) in a single sequencing run. Multiplexing can increase the throughput of sequencing runs and save money at the same time. Conceptually,…
The Ultimate Guide to Genome SequencingThe Sequencing Center

The Ultimate Guide to Fast Genome Sequencing

Your grant funding expires soon, your clinical trial deadline is fast approaching, or maybe your research is at an impasse because you’re lacking critical genomic data to continue. Whatever time-sensitive pressures are weighing on you, we…
How to submit a sample for genome sequencing

How to Submit a Sample for Genome Sequencing

At The Sequencing Center, we receive hundreds of samples every month, and while most of the samples are primed and ready for sequencing, it’s easy for our clients to miss some key preparation steps. In order to get the best results from your…
the genome sequencing process

The Genome Sequencing Process

The process of sequencing a genetic sample can often feel like a confusing and fragmented process, with each individual step being performed by different vendors before finally ending up with a sequenced genome. In fact, it was our frustration…
why you need genome sequencing in clinical research

Why You Need Genome Sequencing in Clinical Research

Clinical research is a tedious process that requires precise data to validate research claims. In its current state, there are many parts of the process that break down for various reasons. Between time constraints, financial resource allocation,…
Bacterial Genome Sequencing

Targeted Sequencing in Bacterial Research

In the new age of genomics, researching specific genes within a genome has become a common focal point of interest. This is prevalent in bacterial research fields primarily because it provides deep insight into specific functions and attributes…
Multiplex Sequencing

Multiplex Sequencing: The Fast and Cost Effective Method

The cost and speed of completing a genome sequencing run is typically the driving force behind any research requiring next generation sequencing. Most organizations have project or departmental budgets that they need to adhere to, which makes…
Bacterial Whole Genome Sequencing

Bacterial Whole Genome Sequencing: Benefits, Advantages, and Outcomes

Researchers in the field of genomics are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible, limited only by their imagination and the available technological resources. Fortunately, advancements in technology continue to open up new frontiers,…

5 Common Myths of Genome Sequencing

Having many customers in various fields, we hear a lot of interesting myths that are persistent across each of them. Some come from misguidance of other companies in the sales process, other myths are rooted in legacy in which the landscape…