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How should I pack and ship my samples?

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Shipping Address

The Sequencing Center
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Packing and shipping your samples should be thought of in the following way:

  1. Primary sample container (the vial or container your sample is collected in)
  2. Secondary container
  3. Outer container

Primary Sample Container

☐ Clearly label each sample container with a unique sample id either by affixing a sticker or writing in
permanent marker. Make sure it is legible or this can cause incorrect data association.

☐ Wrap the lid of each sample tube with parafilm to prevent the cap coming off and spilling the contents.

☐ Place sample tubes in a collective container such as a Ziploc bag or 50mL tube and pad with paper towels to prevent movement and to ensure contents are absorbed should they break during transit.

Secondary Container

☐ Use a leak proof container, Styrofoam coolers work best.

☐If there is empty space in the container, include additional padding to prevent the primary sample containers from moving during transit.

☐ Include ice gel packs or dry ice to keep samples chilled. Do not use wet ice to ship your samples.

  • Packages shipped with dry ice must permit the release of carbon dioxide gas. If you are submitting samples with dry ice, the outer cardboard box must have the following:
    • A Miscellaneous Dangerous goods #9 hazard label fixed to the outside of package.
    • A label indicating “Carbon Dioxide, solid UN1845” on the outside of the package.
    • A label with the net weight of dry ice on the outside of the package.
    • An air waybill with the following information:
      • Classification (i.e. Carbon Dioxide, solid,9,UN1845)
      • The number of packages
      • The net quantity of dry ice per package

* Due to continuing changes in state and federal regulations, clients should always check with their shipping department to ensure regulatory compliance.

Outer Container

☐ Use a durable cardboard shipping box to protect the inner containers. Do not use flat shipping envelopes designed for shipping paper documents as these provide little protection for the samples.

☐ If sample orientation is important, please affix a universally recognized “double up arrows” sticker.

☐ If possible, ship samples by overnight express, or no longer than 2-3 day express to prevent sample degradation. Avoid weekend and holiday deliveries.


Questions? Feel free to contact us, we’re happy to answer any packing questions not answered here.