How long does genome sequencing take?

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The Sequencing Center built our company around the fundamentals of automating and optimizing all procedures from end to end.  Based on that, we’re able to provide the approximate turnaround timing.

End-to-end genome sequencing varies greatly based on the type, quality, and number of samples, as well as the sequencing method.  For example, bacterial whole genome sequencing typically takes 24 hours to run on the sequencer alone.  However, there are a couple other phases including DNA extraction, library preparation and bioinformatics data processing which vary anywhere between 3-7 business days.

In total we estimate between 10-15 business days for smaller projects from the time your samples arrive in our lab to when we deliver results.  Higher sample counts, multiplexing runs, and HLA Typing factor into the variability, so if you need a concrete estimate or a rush order, get in touch with us and we can find a turnaround time that words for you.