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End-to-end genome sequencing varies based on the sequencing type, sample quality, and number of samples. We typically estimate turnaround between 10-15 business days for smaller projects, from the time your samples arrive in the lab to when we deliver results.

Important Notes:

  • DNA extraction is an area of high variability. If you send in a gDNA sample, and it does not meet the minimum required concentration for library prep as measured by a Qubit fluorometer, then the sample must be resubmitted or rejected. We recommend reading our How to increase DNA concentration article if you experience concentration problems. Similarly, cell pellets or other sample types that do not meet the minimum cell count requirement may also fail at this stage and delay the turnaround time. Please review our latest sample guidelines to ensure you meet the requirements.


  • If your sample will go on a multiplex run, the turnaround time varies greatly. We must coordinate with multiple other projects and must wait for samples to arrive and pass QC, or find open spots on other multiplex runs that are compatible with the genome size. If a fast turnaround time is important for you, please request other options from us.


  • The average sequencing project is between 12-48 samples, which typically takes 3-7 business days to fully complete under ideal circumstances. However, projects with a larger sample count naturally take longer to complete. We can deliver and invoice on a rolling basis to provide you with results as quickly as possible.