Do you accept extracted DNA for HLA Typing?

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We can accept extracted DNA samples from clients for HLA Typing with the following conditions:


  • The DNA concentration must exceed the minimum requirement of 25 ng/uL. We prefer a higher concentration, if possible, above 30 ng/uL.
  • The DNA concentration should be measured with a fluorometric method, such as the Qubit dsDNA Broad Range assay (see, or equivalent method.
  • The required minimum volume of extracted DNA is 30 uL. We prefer higher volumes if possible.
  • When we receive client samples, we must determine the DNA concentrations again for all samples to ensure that they meet the minimum requirement. This is a critical first step in the library prep and sequencing protocol.  We use Qubit dsDNA BR assays for this step.  There is no extra fee for this step.
  • If we determine that a sample is below the minimum DNA concentration, we will use a DNA Concentration protocol ( to attempt to bring the concentration above 25 ng/uL. This protocol often works well if the initial concentration is above ca. 15 ng/uL.  It is less effective if the initial concentration is below ca. 15 ng/uL.  In either case we cannot guarantee that the DNA Concentration protocol will in fact work for all samples.  If we cannot increase DNA concentration above 25 ng/uL, then we cannot continue with library prep or sequencing and we would ask that clients resubmit their sample or have us perform extraction in-house.  The fee for running this protocol is $4.50 per sample.
  • Our internal DNA extraction protocols yield highly purified, contaminant-free DNA. This is essential for generating high-quality sequencing results.  If we determine or suspect that client samples contain contaminants, we will use a DNA Clean-Up protocol ( to attempt to remove contaminants.  The fee for running this protocol is $4.50 per sample.
  • If we have to run the DNA Concentration protocol and/or DNA Clean-Up protocol, we will notify clients in advance and get their approval before proceeding.

If you have any questions about extracting DNA yourself for HLA Typing and submitting it to our Lab, please contact us.