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How to increase DNA concentration

The critical component of a successful genome sequencing run is having sufficient DNA concentration. All of our laboratory protocols and vendor kit documentation specify minimum DNA concentration requirements.  Sample DNA concentrations must…
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How much DNA is contained in human blood cells?

Human blood consists of leukocytes, thrombocytes, and erythrocytes. Only leukocytes contain a cell nucleus.  Thrombocytes and erythrocytes do not contain a cell nucleus.  Thus, leukocytes are the most important element when estimating the…
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DNA Quantitation: Fluorometric vs spectrophotometric methods

The Importance of DNA Quantity Accuracy We receive a wide range of sample types in our Lab for genome sequencing. This includes human DNA, microbial DNA, bacterial DNA, bacteriophage DNA, viral DNA, yeast DNA, microbiome DNA, model and non-model…

Sample submission and shipping guidelines

Submitting high-quality samples is the first step to ensuring your samples pass our QC checks and receive the best sequencing results. Please review the following submission guidelines before sending in samples. If you have any questions, please…

How long will you store my sample or extraction?

Our policy is to store all samples and extractions for up to 30 days after your run is completed, data is delivered, and we have invoiced your project.