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Enabling Sequencing for Moonshot Initiatives

Being a Colorado located company, we follow the healthcare and biotechnology sector locally closely. In the past few years, there has been an incredibly exciting explosion of medical startups and healthcare investments pumped into Colorado. A lot of this has been enabled by the one and only Mike Biselli.

Recently, Mike posted a great blog called Our Moonshot Moment, which we highly recommend reading. In a nutshell, Mike outlines the amazing collaboration that is sparking across the country within the healthcare as we try to reimagine a modern healthcare system. At it’s core, the message is that we cannot innovate on our own and do everything ourselves. Instead, we will make more substantial progress if we work together, break down the barriers, and collaborate.

Mike is working on building the Catalyst Health-Tech Innovation center in Denver which is designed to bring non-profits, Fortune 500 healthcare companies, startups, and everything in between under one roof to help enable “serendipitous conversations” to happen, providing a easy conduit to sharing innovation. Recently, the Catalyst HTI announce a partnership with AngelMD – a startup network for healthcare and medical oriented companies. Being both part of AngelMD and a local to the Catalyst HTI makes it very exciting times for us at The Sequencing Center.

Our mission is to help enable these moonshot ideas within this new collaborative network by reducing the cost barrier of entry on genetic sequencing. We believe in providing effective solutions to these companies, which is why we’ve created a new business model that reduces the cost of genetic sequencing to as low as $661/sample – a roughly 5x decrease in sequencing costs. Additionally, we’re working at the speed of a startup, providing services that reduce sequencing and bioinformatics times down from ~3 months to an average of 8 days, saving our clients time and money.

Lastly, we’re taking on the challenge of managing all of the genetic data generated from our users by providing a managed data storage service. No more headaches trying to manage the torrent of data produced from these sequencing machines.

One of the biggest challenges in achieving a moonshot mission is thinking differently about the problem in a unique way. We’re changing how the industry operates by reducing the highest cost of sequencing to the smallest cost. We want to enable anyone in need of being data driven from a biology perspective to have the tools available to them at a cost effective and scalable format. With major moonshot initiatives in flight, such as the Cancer Moonshot, we’re ready to help.

If you’re a researcher working on cancer, creating a new biologic drug, trying to understand a virus, or want to investigate the fundamentals of a disease, get in touch with us. We want to work with you, collaborate, and enable these moonshots to be achieved. As Mike always says, “Let’s reimagine healthcare – TOGETHER!”

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