genome sequencing for drug discovery

Why You Need Genome Sequencing in Drug Discovery

It's no secret to anyone in the drug development industry that…
genome sequencing for clinical trials

Why You Need Genome Sequencing in Clinical Trials

The Challenges of Clinical Trials Working on clinical trials…
Next Generation Sequencing

Genome Sequencing Facility Promises Highly Affordable Pricing and Scalable Sequencing

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: CONTACT: Richard Casey The Sequencing…

Performing Metagenomic Sequencing and Analysis

A common project type we see at The Sequencing Center is researchers…
Bacterial Genome Sequencing

Targeting Specific Genes in Bacterial Research

In the new age of genomics, researching specific genes within…
Genome Sequencing

A Case for Owning End To End Sequencing

As a researcher, we all want to get the highest quality data…
Multiplex Sequencing

Multiplex Sequencing: The Fast and Cost Effective Method

The cost and speed of completing a genome sequencing run is typically…
Genome Expression Sequencing

Do You Really Need Whole Genome Sequencing

These days whole genome sequencing has almost become a buzzword…
Bacterial Genome Sequencing

How to Analyze Antibiotic Resistant Genes in Bacteria

A hot area for research is antibiotic resistant genes within…
Cancer Research

7 Cancer Gene Databases You Need

With any research, it all starts with the data. Cancer is no…