Genome Expression Sequencing

The Influence of Genetics on Clinical Research

Like any new technology adoption curve, genome sequencing has…
The future of genomics in the clinical market

Seqing Knowledge Ep.2 – The Future of Genomics in the Clinical Market

Deidre: Welcome to Seqing Knowledge a genomics podcast from…
Giant Leap for Genomics

A Giant Leap for Genomics – Celebrating 2 Years of Business

July 20th, 1969 The world holds its breath as we hear the famous…

Global HLA Typing Market Study Includes The Sequencing Center as a Top Vendor

As the global HLA Typing market continues to increase in demand,…
clinical diagnostics

Increasing Access to Genome Sequencing for Clinical Diagnostics

As genome sequencing continues to decrease in price and increase…
Seqing Knowledge Episode 1

Seqing Knowledge Ep.1 – What Kind of Sequencing Do I Need?

  Welcome to the very first podcast of Seqing Knowledge,…

Genome Sequencing Facility Makes Move to Commoditize DNA Extraction By Offering Free DNA Extraction

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: CONTACT: Richard Casey The Sequencing…
genome vs exome

Genome, Exome… What’s the Difference?

Genome sequencing is all over the news lately, especially with…

Genome Sequencing and the End of Cancer

Modern genomics and biotechnology have blown open doors for…
cardiovascular sequencing

Getting to the Heart of the Problem with Cardiovascular Sequencing

It’s American Heart Month and while heart disease maintains…