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The Ultimate Guide to Fast Genome Sequencing

Your grant funding expires soon, your clinical trial deadline is fast approaching, or maybe your research is at an impasse because you’re lacking critical genomic data to continue. Whatever time-sensitive pressures are weighing on you, we have some great tips to keep your project moving at maximum speed. Define Your Research Clearly This might seem […]

With 510% Revenue Growth Powered by Pfizer, Eli Lilly, and USDA, The Sequencing Center Sets Eyes on Larger $9B Genetics Market

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Fort Collins, Colorado, 01/10/2019 – The Sequencing Center, a genome sequencing provider for biological and clinical research, announced a year-over-year revenue growth of 510%. Throughout the year, The Sequencing Center doubled new client accounts, including major hospitals and pharmaceutical companies such as Children’s National Hospital, The Salk Institute, Pfizer, The NIH, The […]

Genome, Exome… What’s the Difference?

Genome sequencing is all over the news lately, especially with commercial companies offering sequencing to explore a customer’s ethnic background, recommended diets and fitness plans, and reveal what kinds of diseases they might potentially encounter in their lifetime. With all this talk about revealing our genetic code so easily, let’s take a step back to […]

Find Your Perfect Match: Using HLA Typing For Successful Organ Transplants

Within clinical environments, making decisions based on precise and comprehensive data is paramount in practicing high-quality medicine. One of the more complex clinical procedures involves organ transplants. Organ transplant surgery, a high-risk proposition made necessary by even more dire circumstances, carries with it an increased complexity in matching donors for the patient. While current medicine […]

How to Submit a Sample for Genome Sequencing

At The Sequencing Center, we receive hundreds of samples every month, and while most of the samples are primed and ready for sequencing, it’s easy for our clients to miss some key preparation steps. In order to get the best results from your samples, here are 5 important sample submission points to pay attention to. […]


The Genome Sequencing Process

The process of sequencing a genetic sample can often feel like a confusing and fragmented process, with each individual step being performed by different vendors before finally ending up with a sequenced genome. In fact, it was our frustration with having to go through this overly complex, expensive, and time-consuming process just to get a […]