A Giant Leap for Genomics – Celebrating 2 Years of Business

Giant Leap for Genomics

July 20th, 1969
The world holds its breath as we hear the famous line “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” For so long we stared up at the moon wondering, speculating, and dreaming of a world up there so close, yet out of reach and in this moment we finally touched the heavens.

The moon landing has long been a pinnacle example of humanity’s ability to succeed when daring to challenge the impossible. It was purely by coincidence that we decided to formally found our genome sequencing business on the same day humans set foot on the moon for the first time almost 50 years ago. But perhaps the auspicious nature of this date speaks on a subconscious level to the visionary service provider The Sequencing Center strives to become.

Our First Steps

July 20th, 2016
After several years of careful planning, research, and logistics we pulled the trigger on a business plan with a mission to drastically reduce the time and cost of genome sequencing for researchers worldwide. Our CEO, Richard Casey, worked in the genomics and bioinformatics industries for decades and acutely identified the pain points many researchers and drug developers still experience today. There was a widespread mentality that genome sequencing was a costly and time-consuming process and that’s “just the way it is”. With very few commercial sequencing companies running at the time we saw this as a perfect opportunity to challenge the status quo and get researchers the data they needed faster and more affordable.

Unexpected Discoveries

In our first year, we became closely involved with the microbial research community and streamlined our process so that researchers could quickly receive results for their research on bacteria, bacteriophage, yeast, and fungi. We fine-tuned our pipeline so well that we can turn around projects within a few days; a goal marker we set for all pipelines now.

In year two another one of our services unexpectedly took off. We saw a sudden influx of HLA typing requests not only from leading clinical research facilities but directly from patients themselves. With only a small handful of HLA laboratories available in the US, we saw this as a great opportunity to fill a critical gap in the industry. Organizations such as Pfizer, Children’s National Hospital, and Eli Lily, have partnered with us to perform groundbreaking immunology-focused research based on our HLA Typing service. It’s been a blessing to work with and develop ongoing relationships with each customer.

To Infinity and Beyond

The list of markets and services we intend to expand into is vast and extensive, but one key market we’re excited to grow in the immediate future is clinical genomics. After discussions with many of our clinical focused clients, there is an opportunity to provide end-to-end clinical pipelines for both research and diagnostics for many different diseases. At The Sequencing Center, we intend to do just that and increase our clinical offerings in the coming year. We’ve already started offering targeted sequencing panels that focus on various types of myeloid leukemia’s, providing clinical researchers with a rapid pipeline that generates results in days. Not only will our pipelines continue to be vertically integrated within genome sequencing but we also plan to expand horizontally into additional laboratory analyses, such as hematological analysis.

By expanding creating both a vertical and horizontally integrated pipelines, clinical researchers can simply send in a sample and receive dozens of critical tests for a single, affordable price. This significantly reduces the logistics complexity of working with many different vendors and pricing models on different timelines by compressing it into a single stream.

Additionally, we’re actively expanding our automation pipelines to further reduce turnaround time and increase the quality control for every stage of genome sequencing. We understood from the beginning that in order to provide the level of quality and efficiency we demanded from ourselves we would need to take out the human element over time. Robotic automation has been a core pillar of our business model and we’re eager to continue integrating automation at every possible step of sequencing, ultimately passing on the cost savings and quality to our clients.

Thank You for 2 Years of Business

We’d like to give a heartfelt thank you to all our clients these past two years. Your patronage is valuable and deeply appreciated. We look forward to continuing to offer the highest quality genome sequencing and help you accelerate your research.

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