Sequencing Made Simple – Celebrating 3 Years of Business

We’ve just hit the 3-year business mark, and what an incredible third year it’s been.  Thanks to the continued business of our clients we’ve been able to deliver more genome sequencing services with better prices to continue our mission towards – “Sequencing made simple.”  With a 510% revenue increase since last year, we’ve been able to dedicate more resources towards R&D, automation, and additional service offerings which we’d like to share with you.

Making Genome Sequencing Even More Affordable

Research budgets are precious and that’s why we’ve spent the last 3 years committed to finding ways to offer more affordable pricing for genome sequencing.  Recently we’ve been able to further reduce the per sample pricing for our services.

Whole Genome Sequencing (microbial): 24 samples now starting as low as $200/sample. Additional bulk discounts are available.

HLA Typing 11 Loci: 24 samples now starting as low as $318/sample. Additional bulk discounts are available.

Subscription-Model Pricing

Repeat clients rely on our services for continuous results and we quickly saw an opportunity to make the process even easier for them – subscription sequencing.  Instead of emailing back and forth trying to coordinate quotes and approvals, we decided to offer fixed, flat monthly rates to expedite the process with predictable pricing. For larger institutions like universities and clinical research organizations, this pricing model allows them to maximize discount rates across multiple teams and departments.

  • Whole Genome Sequencing (microbial): Up to 24 samples/month @ $150/sample ($3,600/mo)
  • HLA Typing Low Volume: Up to 12 samples/month @ $350/sample ($4,200/mo)
  • HLA Typing Medium Volume: Up to 24 samples/month @ $300/sample ($7,200/mo)
  • HLA Typing High Volume: Up to 40 samples/month @ $250/sample ($10,000/mo)


Human Whole Genome Sequencing

In 2019 we launched a new service for human whole genome sequencing.  The rapidly declining costs for sequencing large genomes allows us to sequence entire human genomes at very competitive rates.  With the availability of large capacity sequencers, we can also run trio studies, familial inheritance studies and population-scale research with rapid turnaround times.  Whole genome sequencing gives researchers the ability to identify mutant alleles, small insertions and deletions, copy number variants, rare variants and large scale structural rearrangements across the entire genome in a single assay.  Human genome sequencing has broad applicability in oncology research, inherited diseases and rare genetic diseases.  We anticipate expanding this service significantly in the future.

Leading Institutions Rely on The Sequencing Center

Growth doesn’t happen unless your clients trust and value the services you offer.  Year over year we’ve expanded and continued to serve our clients from a diverse range of universities, pharmaceutical companies, and cutting edge research institutions across the world utilizing our fast and affordable services.  We’re humbled to be in such esteemed company and look forward to continuing supporting valuable genomic research as we head into year four.

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